October 19, 2008

Whoa is Me

I have a Blu-ray copy of The Ultimate Matrix Collection I'm willing to give away to the first person who correctly identifies the sources of all three screencaps below. North American residents only, please.

Dunno when I'm gonna get around to reviewing the damn thing, for what it's worth, but in short it's demo material through and through, just a great showcase for the format. And you actually get The Animatrix in full 1080 for the first time on next-gen.

Also wanted to take this opportunity to go on record about the status of this year's book. While there won't be a Film Freak Central 2008 Annual, there will be a Film Freak Central 2008-2009 Annual, which we're hoping to release in the first quarter of next year. It's going to cost a bit more but it will also be twice as thick. (That's what she said. (Speaking of which, how great was Thursday's "The Office"?)) More details to follow.

Seaquest out. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Amy Ryan is excellent, I'm very sorry to hear that she's leaving soon since she's such a perfect fit in this cast. Not a very funny episode really, I laughed maybe two or three times, but a great character episode for Michael; it was just sweet hearing him being his usual self trying to please everyone by being mean to Holly but warning her; and the little bit about how he would do the same with Ryan, classic.

joseba said...

well i guess i know which movies these screenshots are from, but too bad i am european :(

Anonymous said...

Why not tell a North American friend the answers and have them send you the prize, joseba?

Berandor said...


(1) "The Madman Cometh: Working with Mel Gibson"

(2) "Don't Look Now 2: Never looked worse"

(3) "Jaws"

Anonymous said...

(1) Gettysburg?

(2) Shattered?

(3) Dressed to Kill?

- David H.

Bill C said...

0 for 3 I'm afraid, David H.

Jared said...

Barry Lyndon
The Dark Knight
Lost Highway

there, all terrible guesses.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Um, in that case...

(1) Tron

(2) Titanic

(3) Young People Fucking

- David H.

Bill C said...

0 for 3, Jared (and David H again). Sheesh, I was worried these would be too easy!

Funnily enough, I had a LOST HIGHWAY cap lined up similar to #3 but then decided that Patricia Arquette's teeth were too recognizable.

Sorry for the lack of mothersite updates today, but tomorrow's gonna make up for it in a pretty big way. It'll be a rare theme day for FFC.

Anonymous said...

A theme day? Here's hoping the theme is "FFC Posting Reviews for the Shitload of Movies They've Skimped Out On Recently" (W, Burn After Reading, Religulous, etc.)


Bill C said...

Didn't Ian pretty much review RELIGULOUS in the previous post?

Anonymous said...

1. The Matrix
2. Scary Movie 2
3. Citizen Kane


Oh... did I mention I dn't have a blu-ray player? I dunno maybe I'll use these dvds I'm gonna win to cut potatoes or something.

-- ZS

Anonymous said...

I hate to seem like an ungrateful cunt, but Ryan has a bona fide point. Also, there were a whole bunch over the past year (Southland Tales, Tropic Thunder, others I can't think of right now) that I would've like to have seen reviewed.


Rick said...

1. Rob Roy
2. The Tenant
3. Pan's Labyrinth

Bill C said...

All good guesses, but no.

Blue's Clues:
-All three films are from different decades (which, remarkably, everyone seems to have surmised)
-All three films were made outside the U.S., but are in English
-We have only reviewed one of them

Not much I can say to the entitlement parade 'cept we're doing our best.

rachel said...

For those expressing impatience, why don't you read these excellent comics. Many of them are even about films and television shows! (I hope I am not exciting you too much.)

Richard said...

2) A Clockwork Orange?

I only like 1/3 of the Matrix trilogy anyways, sooo...

Jason said...

2) Dead & Buried? (That's Canadian, right?)

Dunno about the other two... at all.

Bill C said...

Not CLOCKWORK, not DEAD & BURIED (which *is* American, though I guess it does have a Canadian tax-shelter flavour).

Anonymous said...

I'm half convinced the #1 is from The Witchfinder General (aka Conquerer Worm), #2 looks like Darkman but must not be, and #3 I have no idea.

-Dan C.

Anonymous said...

Is #2 Mad Max?


Bill C said...

So, um, there's been a correct guess. I don't think I can confirm it without giving everyone else the edge, so that's all I'm gonna say.

I hate running contests.

We'll be reviewing those Bond Blu-rays, by the way, but here's a teaser: they look friggin incredible--except, oddly, DIE ANOTHER DAY, which sounds great but boasts a comparatively sucky transfer. (It will impress newbies, but that's about it.) FROM RUSSIA, on the other hand? Holy shit.

Brendan said...

Walter and Ian, you both outdid yourselves with the president-themed reviews. Excellent stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think #1 is Tom Jones.


Anonymous said...

#3 Blade Runner?


Bill C said...

Generic: Nope. And nope.

Just a heads-up that Walt's review of SYNECDOCHE is up, and it's a much-needed antidote to all the cowardly pans the film has been getting.

James Allen said...

Pans like this one from our friend Armond White?

Pity those nerds and fashion-sheep who'll waste time trying to connect Kaufman’s symbols, cite the many David Lynch references and puzzle for ways to use “synecdoche” in daily conversation.


By the way Bill, I think I've watched Irod Bad about 100 times over the past few months and it still cracks me up. The same guy did Indiada Jodes, which although not as good, still has some funny stuff (I love how he only refers to the skull as the "thing".)

jer fairall said...

What?! No High School Musical review?!

Bill C said...

I think it was Ian who first referred everybody to Irod Bad, James. Nevertheless, funny shit indeed.

I'm gonna have to rethink this here contest, which evidently is just going to drag on and on.

And Jer, HSM: y'know, I tried watching that shit (part 2) on Blu-ray and found my nonexistent self-esteem was still too high for it. Honestly, after that 3-D Hannah Montana movie, I think I'm done even watching/assigning that stuff ironically.

Also, if everything goes according to plan, you're all in for a treat at the mothersite come Sunday.

rachel said...

RIP. Ugh.

Alex Jackson said...

Armond White is the man!

In Synedoche, Kaufman has been afforded a privilege he doesn’t deserve; his unimaginative imagery never comes close to the magnificence that visionary director John Moore creates in the turbulent tableaux of Max Payne.

Rex Reed's pan just gets you angry. White is so completely out there that he gets you to re-examine your own prejudices. I still really want to see Synedoche, but he's convinced that I need to see Max Payne as well.

rachel said...

That statement doesn't make me reexamine my own prejudices so much as it makes me suspect that White has never played a video game.

Shrug said...

Max Payne was heroic bloodshed with a thin veneer of noir to hand it together.

Max Payne The Motion Picture is terribly executed noir with a bit of faux heroic bloodshed tacked to the end.


James Allen said...

OK, I'll settle this contest once and for all:

1) Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

2) Glen or Glenda

3) The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

OK, so I have no clue, I was only just reading a book on cult films. I'm apparently not much further away than everyone else, though.

P.S. Alex has the right idea, love him or hate him Armond is a great read. He pretty much never gives you some run of the mill hacky review.