April 05, 2009

Pings from the Deep

  • So last week I tried to fix a little problem with my computer (my toolbar icons had mysteriously vanished), and I swear to God it was like pulling a thread--before I knew it I was staring at this empty husk and trying to fill it back up with Windows. Anyway, I lost all of my e-mail from the past 5 years, as well as my most current address book, so if you're someone who sometimes e-mails me and would like to make my life easier, shoot me a message. Anything to expedite the process of reconstructing my virtual rolodex.
  • It's not really related, but the crash did make me grateful that we'd decided to push back the 2009 SuperAnnual to July. That means we'll be accepting patron contributions for an extra month, until June 1st; our thanks to those who've pitched in already--in this economy, I can't help but be deeply moved by your generosity. The book's coming together nicely, for what it's worth, and so far includes exclusive reviews of Twilight, Let the Right One In, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, The Mist, and many more.
  • Did anyone here happen to catch the most recent instalment of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"? I think the show sealed its own fate when it returned from a winter hiatus with a spate of draggy episodes, but this past Friday I realized how much I'm gonna miss it, or mourn its squandered potential. It figures: in this apparent kamikaze mission the producers are flying now, they've found just the right balance of breathless action, robo-philosophy, self-aware humour, and end-of-days melancholy, killing off a major character with a ruthless efficiency that made me gasp and, perhaps even more unexpectedly, left a dull pain in the pit of my stomach.
  • Wish I had anything remotely as upbeat to say about ABC's resurrection of "Cupid".
  • Lastly, I know some people are discovering this blog through the Synecdoche, New York DVD/BD, in which case they may not realize that it's just the tip of the iceberg known as FilmFreakCentral.net. Some of my favourite pieces around the mothersite of late: Walter Chaw on five John Frankenheimer films as well as three legal thrillers from the 1990s that just hit Blu-ray; Ian Pugh's interview with Alien Trespass director R.W. Goodwin; Bryant Frazer on Prachya Pinkaew's Chocolate; and Alex Jackson with his typically inimitable take on Pretty Woman.
More bloggity goodness from me and others soon.


Jefferson said...

Sarah Connor is proving out as a far better addition to the mythology than Terminator 3, although I hold out hope for Salvation. I won't miss the dearly departed character much, as his arc contributed to the draggy episodes, but I will always be a fan of Garrett Dillahunt as Cromartie/John Henry. He's perfect at depicting innocence at the precise moment it becomes soiled.

Dan said...

I'll miss T:tSCC is it's cancelled. Its main problem is that it's very inconsistent and Lena Headey's performance is terribly dull. Dekker's not much better, either, but I'll admit that both have been far stronger in these recent episodes.

Loving Garrett Dillahunt in this, and the shock death last week is lingering in my head days later. Really psyched for the season (series?) finale tomorrow. I hope it comes back next year -- but maybe it would be better to put out 13 great episodes and not have so much mid-season filler and nonsense (that Sarah-centric "trilogy" of episodes totally killed the momentum after its hiatus.)