June 22, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Due to the interference of life and shit it will be an extremely lite posting week at the mothersite. I actually had a lengthy post planned to commemorate the anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman (it turns 20 tomorrow), but that and other plans have been temporarily scuttled. (I seem to have left it in my other pants, as my brother is fond of saying.)

In the meantime, what's everybody watching? I'm currently catching up with the second season of "Burn Notice", which has gotta be the quintessential summer show.


Dan said...

Currently watching the new season of "True Blood" and hoping it can stay fresh, but I'm not sure having another killer on the loose is a good move. Still, early days.

I'd also recommend "Psychoville" to any League Of Gentlemen fans out there -- available *ahem* somewhere online if you're not in the UK. Plenty of dark chills and giggles there.

Patrick said...

I've just finished the first season of Fringe, which will remain the only season for me. Loosely following Burn Notice, which is an awesome summer show if you can look past the fact that Gabrielle Anwar has sold all her meat to foreign crime syndicates.

I'm really looking forward to season 2 of Leverage, of all things, and hesitantly expecting Dollhouse S2 – the concept is just too squicky for me to just file this as entertainment.

Have seen the first two seasons of Breaking Bad, an astonishingly good show that has made me almost go ahead and watch Mad Men even though I really, really don't want to.

I've also finally managed to see S1 of The Wire and am glad I did. A great show, but something you need time for, not really with an episodic structure.

I'm hesitantly looking forward to the mini-series of A Game of Thrones from HBO, as well.

Joe said...

I need to second the love for Breaking Bad. The short first season was excellent, but the show really started to flex its muscles in its second season. I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed by its ballsy, divisive finale, but I thought it was a fitting way to close one of the most exhilarating seasons of television I've ever seen. In my humble opinion, the gulf between Breaking Bad and everything else currently on TV is fucking vast.

I read that the A/V presentation of Burn Notice: Season 2 on Blu Ray is rather weak. Any truth to that?

Bill C said...

@Joe: Yeah, the series is shot in, like, Fisher Price Pixelvision, and apart from the crystal clear, seemingly-outsourced establishing shots, there's very little quantifiable difference between the Blu-ray and DVD releases, I'm a-feared. (Weird: my CAPTCHA is "birdpal.")

Jason said...

Ah, jeez. I have so much back-catalog stuff to work through that I really can't even begin to think about adding another show in there, much as I want to give "Burn Notice" a shot.

For what it's worth, here's what I'm going to be watching this summer:

"Deadwood" - Season Three
"Six Feet Under" - Seasons Two and Three
"The Wire" - Season One
"Nip/Tuck" - Season Five
"Rescue Me" - Seasons One and Two
"The Shield" - Season One
"Mad Men" - Season One
"24" - Season Four
"The Sopranos" - Season Three

Following all this, aside from "Burn Notice," I'm also going to be working on "Breaking Bad", "True Blood", "Fringe", and "In Treatment".

None of this includes some of USA's other shows, like "Psych" or "Monk" or the like, which I like as good Saturday afternoon filler when you're bored and don't want to tackle anything heavy. Speaking of those types of shows, does anyone know anything about "Royal Pains"? Is it worth looking into at all?

eddie said...

This season of Rescue Me has been nothing short of excellent.

Totally agree with the light, but highly amusing Psych.

Jefferson said...

True Blood S1 for me and the Significant Otherette, who got so wrapped up in the show (she's been on a vampire kick lately) that she set aside her beloved Doctor Who S4 to consume all her Sookie at once.

I am not allergic to Anna Paquin in short-shorts, but halfway in, she's proving herself the least convincing actor on display.

Seattle Jeff said...

I tried out True Blood S1 and bailed after 2 episodes.

Then tried Veronica Mars and bailed after 4 episdoes.

Right now I'm checking out Chuck S2 and Californication. I'm liking the Duchovney show more than I should probably.

Seattle Jeff said...

...and I second the love for Breaking Bad. I'm rabidly enthusiatic about that show.

simonsays2 said...

Breaking Bad is for my purpose the best show in some time and enjoyed season 2 very much. Check out Walt's review of Transformers 2 - yikes. Lighten up Chaw - it's A Mike Bay joint that's all - give it half a star for the FX factor at least.

theoldboy said...

Breaking Bad, which I just finished catching up on a week ago, is fucking astounding. Mad Men might be better written and The Wire might have treated the drug world with more depth and authenticity, but Breaking Bad is the most consistently compelling, ballsy, all-around-good thing currently on the air. If it continues at the level of quality it consistently held throughout the second season, I can definitely see it entering the pantheon, if it hasn't already.

The latter half of simonsays2's comment could just as well read "Check out Walt's review of the shit sandwich - yikes. Lighten up Chaw - it's a shit sandwich that's all - give it half a star for the bread at least."