September 27, 2010


Looks like we're gonna have to switch to comment moderation, at least for the time being. These fucking spammers--they ruin it for everybody.

Working on a TIFF wrap-up and there's lots of other cool stuff coming up, so stay tuned. Please don't be scared off by the comments approval; our standards will be as lax as always.


Dan said...

Is Blogger not catching them for you? They recently upgraded their software. I trust all the settings in your Blogger's dashboard are correct?

You could always sign-up with Disqus, or similar, for better spam-catching. I don't have much of a problem using them, and it's easy to delete/blacklist spammers with Disqus.

Bill C said...

We have all the Blogger spam filters on and somehow they did not catch the *17* quasi-ads that went through last night.

Jefferson Robbins said...

I like your blog. Very much nice. People meet people here and get to have sporty fun!