October 09, 2005

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Just in case anybody missed it, we actually have a new Sunday Feature this week, Walter's interview with Mike Mills and Lou Pucci, the director and star, respectively, of Thumbsucker. It's a beaut, methinks.

Currently jammed on a review of House of Wax (v3.0); I really can't get over how incredibly sadistic it is--and this is coming from the guy who thought the remake of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was too tame.


The Captain said...

Re: House of Wax - My thoughts exactly; although it sucks, I think it earns brownie points for being so extreme in such a nasty way; it lingered for a couple of days. So much for the light evening's viewing - I don't know what made me squirm more, the face-ripping, the leading lady having her fingers cut off, or the nasty close up on Paris Hilton's brain matter oozing out. Jesus.

Hollow Man Stuffed Man said...

What a good fucking interview, man. i'm gonna watch the movie now, anyways. i wasn't going to but that dude sounds cool. i really did think it was going to be a "quirkfest".

Alex Jackson said...

Still, there was some modicum of goofiness to House of Wax. I mean the scene where they tear off his eyebrows with hot wax- come on.

I think that attitude is a precursor to the intensity of gore. What I thought was so disturbing about the TCM remake was the rightousness behind the violence, the idea that the victims deserved everything that they got. It's a difficult attitude for many horror movies to really convey, and for the record, I never felt that House of Wax pulled it off.

Lee said...

I also admire "House of Wax" for pushing things as far as it does. There's some memorably nasty stuff in that last half. But in the end it's all attitude and not much else. I really wanted to like it, but the dreadful first hour is a definite setback.